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Accommodation and food in Paradise Retreat Center – choose what suits you
Budget: If you are on a budget you will be in the cosy and warm gender-specific dormitories in bunk beds, with personal closet space, personal light and curtains for some privacy. You would also love the delicious and nutritious food which we offer as part of the ‘budget deal’. Basic ‘budget price’ for food and accommodation is 1650 kr / 220 euro / 195 pounds for the whole retreat.

Budget camping: Paradise’ garden can accommodate up to 20 tents with an electrical outlet and outdoor showers are available as well as the indoor bathroom facilities. ‘Budget camping’ price for food and accommodation is 1650 kr / 220 euro / 195 pounds for the whole retreat.

Deluxe conditions: If you are looking for more deluxe conditions – we got you covered. Paradise is in partnership with a number of guest houses in the area, offering rooms in various levels from regular to exclusive or hotel rooms.


Without food and accommodation
2999 kr
  • Valid until 5th July
  • This price includes just the retreat fee. Food and accommodation are separate. Choose this option if you want to stay in a double room or bed & breakfast.
  • This option requires you to have your own car or other means of transportation, as the accommodation will be located outside Paradise Retreatcenter.
  • Please call (+45) 2396 0668 and we will be happy to arrange your accommodation


Incl food and accommodation
4649 kr
  • Valid until 5th July
  • This price includes accomodation in womens or mens dormitory, all bedding is included in the price.
  • You can also choose to camp in our garden, please bring your own tent and everything you need to make yourself comfortable. Electricity is available in the camping area.
  • If you wish to stay in a double room in a guesthouse/hotel or book a holiday cottage close to Paradise, we can help you arrange that. It is still possible to order food from Paradise Retreatcenter for the whole retreat.

Reception: We await your arrival few hours before the program of the retreat starts. The reception area will be open on Thursday 4th July from 12.00 – 15.00 for check-in.  Upon your arrival, we will assist your check-in, guide you to your accommodation, and answer any other question you might have about the retreat. The program will start around 16.00 on the first day and end around 15.00 on Wednesday 10th July.

“There is a fundamental need for the human nature, an essential goal of pursuing – consciously or not – the infinite experience” Sri Aurobindo

For many human beings there seems to be a an equally strong opposite need: that of staying firmly put in your comfort zone, a nice and safe non-infinite experience.

Not that there is anything wrong with feeling safe, but if we stay too long in our comfortable old couch, then we don’t learn anything new.

Learning and growing and experiencing a touch of the infinite means to go beyond our comfort zone, into the unknown. It’s new, it’s scary, it’s exciting and it can turn our world upside down.

The Kama Sutra Immersion Retreat is not a safe and comfortable old couch, it’s a place to learn. The retreat not only provides a frame for amazing and enriching experiences, it’s essentially a place to gain new perspectives, becoming aware of our limitations and stepping into the unknown.

The Kama Sutra is very much about learning. Learning how to be in intimacy and how to be in life. It’s not a coincidence that the Kama Sutra lists so many ways to be intimate and to connect, from poetry, dance and humour to kisses and caresses. It’s not an obsession, it’s a sign of an awakened spirit of learning.

By consciously exploring intimacy we receive one of the greatest gifts of life: self knowledge, gradually taking you from finite to infinite.

We consider an open and relaxed attitude towards eroticism to be a healthy part of a balanced life and that how we relate to eroticism in a profound way reflects how we relate to life, which is why it’s an area of life that carries great potential for transformation and self knowledge.

Unless otherwise stated there are no explicit erotic activities in any of our events/retreats. There will be lectures and discussions, but practical experience is considered homework. Any “clothing optional” activities (massage, relaxing in the hot tub) are optional, just like the rest of the program, you can choose to participate or not.

We always aim to create an open and safe atmosphere that is focused on learning and we invite you to approach all activities with openness, curiosity, maturity and respect for yourself and others.