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The Kama Sutra school teaches you essential life lessons and profoundly transforming knowledge. A treatise on science, art and love, the Kama Sutra is an instruction manual for a wise and balanced way of life. In the Kama Sutra school you will immerse yourself in ancient wisdom and take home valuable tools for improving life, love and intimacy.


Kama Sutra School Curriculum

(Lesson 1):

Kama Sutra Unlocked: Breaking the ice and melting the hearts

(Lesson 2):

The Great Shift: Turning the sexual energy 180 degrees

(Lesson 3): 

The Art of Flirting: Being playful with life itself

(Lesson 4):

Be Honest: Emotional intelligence & erotic communication

(Lesson 5): 

64 Arts: Skills for modern romance warriors

(Lesson 6): 

Secrets of the Shameless Heart: What are you hiding from?

(Lesson 7): 

Lovemaking Arts: Erotic skills and postures of sublime pleasure

(Lesson 8): 

How to have it All: A life of pleasure, purpose and enlightenment



Awaken the joy of life


Put theory into practice with an abundance of experience! The Kama Sutra Experience Lab is full of revelations and surprising AHA moments, exercises and profound moments of discovering yourself and meeting other people.

(Session 1):

Your Senses: Gateways to the Present Moment

(Session 2):

Kama Sutra Sense Labyrinth 

(Session 3):

Deeply Touched: The Sacred Art of Conscious Touch

(Session 4):

Honing your Skills: The 64 arts in practice

(Session 5):

Erotic storytelling & artistic moments

(Session 6):

Intoxicated with Love: Cacao Ceremony

(Session 7):

Eros Party

(Session 8):

Program of uplifting pleasures and desirable delights

(Session 9):

Temple of the Soul: Kama Sutra Ritual

An amazing experience awaits you!

Transform your life and your lovemaking with a 7 day immersion retreat that unlocks the secrets of the ancient Kama Sutra wisdom teachings.